About Us

Company at a Glance

Melainiegift Ltd. is a Toronto/Ontario based  private brand premium giftware company who has built a reputable wholesale tableware/giftware business in Canada for the past 25+ years. Melainiegift is our new online business channel toward our ever increasing public customers who wish to purchase from us directly. The gifts that this company sells are branded with its private logo, bottom stamp, and nice packaging. Just like many other successful companies, its business is aiming to create a customer experience that is powerful enough to make their customers recommend Melainiegift to other clients and friends.   The company’s focus is to identify, with passion, their clients’ wishes and work to achieve these in partnership with them.

The company recognizes that people have many choices in giftware and tableware. They appreciate the chance to be one of your suppliers. They look forward to receiving your comments and to deliver the highest quality in products and services. Thank you for considering Melanie Gift as one of your sourcing retailers in the future.

Mission Statement

The company is dedicated to a friendly sales environment in which its customers can enjoy all the benefits of a great gift & great price. Unlike many other wholesale giftware companies that are concerned with turning profit, the primary object at Melainiegift  is to exceed all of its customers’ expectations by delivering exceptional products and caring services at a great price. As the chief executive at American Express puts it, “Promise only what you can deliver and deliver more than what you promised!” At Melainiegift, we believe that customers’ satisfaction will determine both the success and longevity of our company. Our cliché – “We accept no substitutes for Great Stuff & Great Price.”

If you would like to learn more about what makes the Melainiegift gift experience so unique, please take a look at our Keys to Success.