How To Place An Order

Dear Public Customer:

Our company is a wholesale business and we deal exclusively with the retailer/business owners only.

We can only conduct our business in a B2B (Business-To-Business) transaction only. We only deal with business owners who can take on our minimum annual purchase volume ($5k). If you are from the general public, we thank you for your support. Please visit our retailers across Canada and US. If you wish to make your buying experience unique and pleasant, please Buy Locally. Your local vendors need your strong support in order to compete with those giant super stores and survive in this competitive marketplace.

Tips of the Day #1: One good practice that we found from our experienced retailers is that they normally place their order one month before the trade show starts for some of their popular items that they know they will need to repeat anyway. By doing so, they can avoid the shipment delay and make sure its not going to be out of stock before their turns. Then, during the trade show, they will place a new order for those new products and anything they have missed.

Tips of the Day #2: You can definitely place more than one orders during the show. If you are not planning to come on every trade show, like many others, you can always place a second order for delivering in the future for occations like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Xmas Holidays. With the cancellation date on file, you can always make modificaitons or cancellation before the shipping date you specified without extra costs to you. By doing so, if you forgot to place the order for something you want in the future, it will always show up at your door step.

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